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The Times They are a-Changin' - Chapter 1 in a Series of Blog Posts

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Michael Piotrkowski standing on a construction site

Joining Swapp may be the true culmination of nearly four decades in the construction, MEP systems engineering and design industries. Many, many years ago, when I was a young mechanical engineer on a large project in San Francisco, I worked 72 hours non-stop to ensure that the building opened on time. The owner had announced the date of the grand opening on billboards. Our team was intent on meeting that date!

Even though the systems of that day were much less complex and less integrated than today, any public building has life safety and other systems that need to work correctly 100% of the time. I had a similar all-nighter experience preparing to open the Monterey Bay Aquarium after the otters, jellyfish and other “inhabitants” arrived. These were good lessons in the value of time and now I’m working at Swapp finding ways to save that precious commodity in a project’s planning cycle.

Among the constants in my four decade-career in the construction and MEP industries has been finding the best tool, system, or method for any building project’s needs. Coming from a career that began even before CAD was adopted, and being used to working long hours in on-site meetings with owners and engineers, architects and tradespeople,

I never imagined that my move to Israel would also give me the opportunity to join Swapp—where the goal is to use artificial intelligence not just for architecture (Swapp’s already doing this) but also to use AI to speed up and improve the project’s MEP planning.

By joining Swapp, I can now make use of everything I’ve learned during my decades of building signature projects in Silicon Valley and Southern California. I can apply the knowledge I’ve gained in MEP practices and implementation to the products that Swapp’s incredibly talented and creative engineers are developing for real estate developers, general contractors and specialty engineering contractors. I am confident Swapp’s technology will soon bring significant change to how these industries build large commercial, office, and multi-unit residential projects.

In the following posts I’ll share some of the ways I believe Swapp’s AI driven technology is changing the construction industry and give a broad overview of how things were done when I started in construction almost 40 years ago and how they’re done now.

Michael Piotrkowski is a Construction Operations Executive with more than 30 years’ experience managing the MEP design, procurement and construction phases of major capital projects (construction cost: $200M to $900M) for hospitals, biotech and research institutions and Silicon Valley companies building signature campuses. Michael currently serves as an MEP Executive at Swapp.

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