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Swapp Partners with Gurobi to Enhance Optimization Capabilities for Construction-Planning

Updated: May 6, 2021

Tel Aviv, IL, December 30 2020 - Swapp (http://swapp.net) and Gurobi Optimization (https://www.gurobi.com/) are proud to announce a strategic partnership for their best of class Gurobi Optimizer, the fastest and most powerful mathematical programming solver.

Swapp™ is a construction-planning technology company for ground-up and renovation projects, that partners with top real estate developers to maximize building efficiency and minimize construction costs. Its algorithms and models formulate customer requirements, zoning laws, architectural principles, MEP systems, fire, ergonomic, security and safety regulations. Swapp generates highly detailed architectural layouts and construction documents fine tuned and optimal for each customer’s preferences and design objectives. Achieving this requires a powerful solver for Swapp’s models and objectives.

After evaluating numerous alternatives, Swapp chose Gurobi for its superior performance, continuous improvements and support for bigger and more complex mathematical optimization problems. In comparisons to alternative solutions, Swapp found that Gurobi Optimizer handles more mathematical formulation cases unsolvable by alternatives and is frequently significantly faster at producing optimal results.

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