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(Construction) Planning for the Inevitable in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

Return to your workplace the SWAPP way, with safe, holistic planning

Just a few months ago, everything seemed normal. We went to work, performed our jobs, and returned home at the end of the day. Our routines seemed ordinary, even mundane. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and life as we knew it changed forever. Covid-19 created unprecedented challenges with respect to every aspect of every industry, including construction.

Across the world, new, socially distant, and health-conscious job site standards were imposed and continue to be upheld, forcing many projects in countless areas to shut down, either temporarily, or permanently. And despite the easing of restrictions and the reopening of businesses, Israel’s unemployment rate still declined by 0.9 percentage point to 10.2 percent in July, as risk assessments were made, personal protective equipment (PPE) was purchased, quarantine periods workers exposed to confirmed Covid-19 cases were imposed, and funding was suddenly far less liquid.

While organizations across the globe continue to attempt to define and implement the short and long-term changes that must be made in the workplace, SWAPP is working closely with international companies to gain insights and provide value in each geographic area, complying with the guidelines each country has in place.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Planning is more strategic & pressing than ever

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely impacted much of the world’s economy and many countries are experiencing a recession, as curves flatten and testing & PPE become more readily available, the working world is resuming activity, under the guidelines of what has become our new normal. With supply chains squeezed, deliveries delayed, and the threat of infection, quarantine, and regional lockdown looming overhead, planning for every eventuality - for every newly constructed, remodeled and existing workplace, is no longer merely par for the course. It is now a crucial strategic activity that necessarily determines the success or failure of any building you seek to use as a workplace.

Flexibility is the name of the game

As budgets are tight and manpower is stretched in an effort to maintain social distancing guidelines (even without workers quarantine as a result of exposure to the virus), there simply is no room for error in the planning of your Covid-safe workplace. Nor is there room for rigid adherence to any particular construction or design plan. Flexibility is an absolute necessity, and adaptation to various Covid-19 risk level approaches are a must. Artificial intelligence is the innovation capable of injecting the required level of flexibility into your workplace’s planning, streamlining processes while lessening the burden on your budget, workers, and timeline.

For example, AI software can be used to improve the quality of air in an existing office, adjusting the ventilation infrastructure while minimizing remodeling costs and the risk of transmission via the building’s HVAC system. The same software can be used to plan a new structure’s HVAC system, so that the building meets Covid-19 ventilation guidelines, from its completion.

Documenting & storing all data is your business’ most critical asset

Businesses should remain aware of the potential risks associated with returning to work in the midst (or aftermath) of a global pandemic. This is true of supply shortages, pricing fluctuations, fraud and health risks, and delays. Every change in your work plan should be documented for the purpose of filing claims and preserving your business’ profit margin & reputation - during and after the planning process. An AI system can help with the documentation and storage process as well.

Bottom line

When it comes to workplace planning, planning for the inevitable, like a global pandemic, is smart, future-forward, and industry-leading behavior. Swapp is precisely the platform to help you weather the Covid-19 recession with maximum ease.

Using Swapp, organizations can receive an accurate analysis of the exact measures that are working for similar companies and benefit from a decision-making process that is based on data and use cases, rather than on speculation. Adopting new Covid-19 standards, Swapp can predict different scenarios and quickly generate office designs to reflect today’s rapid transitions for both property owners and tenants.

Swapp now leverages artificial intelligence technology to define various Covid-19 risk levels such as business impact, social distancing (6-12 feet), better ventilation, spaced cubicle layouts, and capsule approach. SWAPP’s AI-driven automated plans are categorized by tenant sector types and are adapted to the Covid-19 varying risk-level approaches. Our customers can quickly review the different layout options, which include relevant data reflecting trade-offs and options for better business decision-making, without compromising their - or their workers’ health or wellbeing.

Stay safe!