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How AI Can Help Bridge Geographic Gaps & Enable Remote Supervision of More Construction Sites

Artificial intelligence is making supervising construction sites a global affair!

The adoption of digital innovations in construction is rapidly picking up the pace. Digital tools are already being employed on construction sites to make operations speedier, more seamless, less physically taxing, and more cost-effective. But since robot contractors have yet to replace humans on job sites (or even be invented!), there is still a very clear limit to how far a contractor can stretch their skills and talents - and it’s usually not beyond the safety barricades of a single project at any given time.

Until now.

While use cases integrating artificial intelligence in construction are largely still in their infancy, there are AI-driven solutions that can be leveraged to enable contractors to expand their command over more construction sites spanning more geographical regions, with greater visibility, accessibility, and ease.

Here’s how.

Generative design

Artificial intelligence-driven generative design is transforming the architecture, engineering, and design professions. By collecting and leveraging relevant data to algorithmically analyze a construction project’s requirements and identify multiple design options, generative design allows contractors to select the optimal design option for each individual project, faster, more holistically, and with a smaller error margin. As such, they can get the ball rolling on more projects at the same time, regardless of their location.

Risk mitigation

While every construction project has some risk - be it in the form of time, money, quality, or safety, AI can help reduce said risk, by automatically assigning priority to particular issues, thereby teaching construction teams where to focus their risk management efforts. This enables contractors to engage in more remote supervision of more construction sites, choosing which sites to visit when, depending on which risks the AI program prioritizes, for which sites, and which smart alerts are deployed.

Better distribution of labor & tools

A shortage of adequate labor is one of contractors’ greatest challenges - and one of the biggest reasons they find themselves tied to a particular construction site. While 78 percent of contractors report having a hard time filling some or all available positions, all contractors can make better use of the manpower they do have, through the power of artificial intelligence. Real-time analysis of data collected by AI-enabled drones or robots can help construction companies better plan for the distribution of labor and tools across sites. As a result, contractors can feel increasingly freer to jump from site to site, or even engage in remote, visual monitoring of multiple sites in several geographic locations from afar, confident that they possess a full and clear picture of each site’s needs and how they’re being tackled.

Schedule optimization

Beyond the scope of planning construction projects and determining their cost, manpower, and equipment needs, artificial intelligence can fuel and inform project schedule optimization processes by taking into consideration millions of alternatives for project delivery. AI technology can consume data from sensors and other information capture devices, and AI-powered software platforms can remotely piece together their relevance regarding each project’s current schedule and how it can be tweaked to finish faster, more affordably, safer, and satisfactorily.

Bottom line

As contractors examine ways to expand their reach to more construction sites in more geographic regions, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are enabling them to bridge existing gaps and gain more complete access and control of more job sites from remote locations. Using an AI-based software platform like Swapp enables contractors to do exactly that, guaranteeing a super-efficient planning process that includes multiple planning options, ensuring cost-efficient buildouts, and enables remote access, anytime and from anywhere.

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