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Your practice will benefit from integrating Swapp’s technologies in a number of ways. 

Business Benefits

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Powered by AI you see results in minutes instead of months

Reduce 90% of the Architect’s Manual Labor

Drastically reduce time consuming change request meetings, eliminate the need for repetitive manual drawings and quality assurance checks

Enable Growth

Swapp’s automation and optimization technologies enable you to focus on your main strengths, increase your project and work loads and plan more in less time

Optimization & Alternative Design Options

Our AI engine can provide, in minutes, multiple alternatives for test-fits, office fit outs, building typologies, optimized parking, and more




The platform automates manual process to deliver full BIM models, including architectural, structural, MEP, HVAC and electrical visualizations

1-Click Sustainability™

and Energy Modeling Tools

A selection of key sustainability tools built into the platform enabling comprehensive and quick analysis of projects

Seamless Connectivity

Our cloud-based platform is easy to access and integrates with Autocad, Revit, BIM360, Sketch, Cove.tool and a host of other relevant applications

Technical Peer Review

SWAPP can be used like a 3rd party consultant providing an impartial review your designs and plans for efficiency before breaking ground


"SWAPP represents the future of the field of planning - the technological capabilities combined with careful planning enable the shortening of planning times in a way we did not know before." 

Guy Tehomi


Pelleg Architects

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“SWAPP has already significantly shortened for us various stages of the design process.

We are excited to partner with them and reach the full potential of design automation!"

Andrew Gamblen

Project Manager

Willmott Dixon

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“SWAPP’s service has been invaluable for Hines as we continue to optimize flexible space design for future office locations and prepare for substantial growth of our portfolio.”

Annie Rinker



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