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Our Expertise

There are very few real estate developers, construction companies, or architects that cater to only one type of market. We understand that in order to create strategic partnerships with our clients that provides the most value for them, we need to be able to help in any and every type of project. 

We made sure to have members on our team who are highly skilled experts in the architectural, MEP, and construction planning workflows of every type of project you need us for.


Multi family residential projects require special attention to certain details in the design and the planning phases that can make the apartment units that were developed in the project a lot more comfortable to live in for families and young professionals. Even more so, when you plan on developing more than one type of apartment unit so that your project can cater to more than just one type of family or young professional.

Residential-Multi Family.jpeg


Developing commercial real estate which will serve as office space has more variables that need to be taken into consideration than you might think. Taking these variables  into account throughout the planning process, will help you and your clients to find the right tenants when the construction phase is completed. Every industry, in every district, in every city, has a different office culture. Developing your site according to the necessary criteria that every industry requires will help you to market your offices for tenants from that industry. 


The numerous requirements for education facilities are constantly changing as the modern classroom is evolving across all types and all levels of education. We bring to the table education construction planning experts with vast experience in designing, planning and building education facilities and large campuses for tens of thousands of people who attend the daily activities on campus every day.   



Hospitality construction and design has its own set of rules and codes of conduct. Within every project, there are lots of factors that need to be determined by the developer who plans on managing the property. The look and feel of the completed project have so much weight behind them when you are trying to plan the rooms, the lobby, the pool, and the lounge areas to a specific type of guests who are paying for their stay. 

Senior Living

Senior living facilities can be found in every city and in almost every region.  As more and more people are discovering the benefits of living in these types of facilities, the demand for senior living communities is rising from year to year. In addition, the services and the amenities that are provided to the residents in these communities, require a delicate planning process that needs to be taken into consideration during every step of the planning process.   

Senior Living.jpeg
Health Care.jpeg

Health Care

Modern health care facilities have specific detail oriented requirements that are different in every way than the requirements that you would be expected to take into consideration in any other type of project. Starting from the fact that the type of units are different in size and in quantity. Corridors are wider, and large reception areas need to be taken into consideration as well. In addition, intensive care units need to be designed in a way that fits the day to day activities in the designated health care facility. 

Student Housing

Every college and every university knows that student housing is an important factor in attracting new students to enroll in their programs. In addition, the new approach to student housing is quite different from what the old school approach used to be. Meeting the requirements and the needs of such projects requires an understanding of the culture and the guiding principles that stand behind the institute you are working with.

Student Housing.jpeg

Government Projects

Government projects are quite often large and complicated projects, and they almost always require a long process of compliance procedures which could include a number of different government offices and officials throughout the process. In addition, the iteration and the coordination throughout the process will involve a large number of people and departments. Since we have experience with large government projects, we can help you meet your project goals and not get lost in the process.

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