Planning a project from the ground up

is no simple task. 

Data-driven analysis is required to cover all relevant facets of the process. 


Smarter Planning From the Ground Up

A new level of analysis and planning must follow the land’s acquisition. Traditionally, producing these planning options can take weeks to months, and critical data is often overlooked until it’s too late.

SWAPP is helping real estate developers prioritize efficiency and cost, without them having to relinquish their stylistic rights.


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Typology Analysis 

SWAPP automates initial mass planning, analyzes various architectural typologies, and expedites the transition to schematic design. ​


All of SWAPP's outputs are fully compliant with BIM methodologies and relevant regulations. ​


Empowering real estate owners to select the optimized design option, edit and adjust it to their business needs in order to automatically generate full feasibility reports.

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Smarter Cost Estimation 

During any site evaluation, real estate developers need an estimation of development costs, construction costs, and the potential return on investment.


Even though development costs and construction costs are two separate things, they directly affect one another.


SWAPP provides a flexible way to control the financial parameters of different typologies and to optimize for the best result

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Residential Building / London UK

“SWAPP has already significantly shortened for us various stages of the design process.  We are excited to partner with them and reach the full potential of design automation!"


Andrew Gamblen Project Manager Willmott Dixon


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