The New Rules of The Game
Just a few months ago, everything seemed normal.

We went to work and back and our daily routine was pretty ordinary. Until the Covid-19 Pandemic hit and changed everything we knew.
Covid-19 completely changed the rules of the game for the entire world and created unprecedented challenges that are felt by all of us.

While organizations all over the world are trying to define the short and long-term changes that must be made in the workplace, SWAPP is working closely with companies across the globe to gain insights and provide value in each geographic area, complying with the guidelines in each country.

Using SWAPP, organizations can receive accurate analysis of the exact measures that are working for similar companies and benefit from a decision-making process that is based on data and use cases rather than on speculation.


to Work

Minimized Exposure

Moderate Exposure

Healthy Buildings

SWAPP Adopts New Covid-19 Standards
SWAPP can predict different scenarios and quickly generate office designs to reflect today’s rapid transitions for both property owners and tenants.
Flexibility is the name of the game.
SWAPP defines various Covid-19 risk levels such as business impact, social distancing (6-12 feet), better ventilation, spaced cubicle layouts and capsule approach.
Our customers can quickly review the different layout options, which include relevant data reflecting trade-offs and options for better business decision-making.

Before & After
SWAPP's customers can set the risk level in each of their spaces, from a denser, high-risk layout to
a safer, low-risk space.

Program Flexibility:
Swapp defines the target area for each room type and function such as offices, conference and huddle rooms amenity areas and facility rooms. SWAPP AI-driven automated plans are categorized by tenant sector types and are adapted to the Covid-19 varying risk-level approaches.



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