Transforming Construction Planning

into a Data-Driven and Efficient Process

Swapp™ is a construction-planning technology company for ground-up and renovation projects, that partners with top real estate developers to shorten planning cycles, maximize the number of usable square feet, and minimize construction costs for a higher ROI.


Planning Services

Swapp provides planning services for the world's largest real estate developers and contractors across a variety of project types. 

Our customers benefit from automated construction planning workflows through a combination of data driven algorithms and artificially intelligent capabilities.

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Shorter Construction Planning Time

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Faster Property Assessment Cycles

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Increase in 

Project's ROI


Accurate & Reliable

Cost Estimation

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Perform a detailed feasibility analysis of any site within minutes. Define a variety of metrics that are important for you, and we will provide you with potential designs that are aligned with zoning restrictions and local regulations.

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Reduce the amount of time it takes to plan a renovation project. Minimize property vacancy and maximize occupancy throughout the renovation process. Optimize renovation design opportunities by leveraging AI and big data capabilities.

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Construction Documents

Let the power of automation and AI do the "heavy lifting" of generating construction documents within a shorter time frame. Eliminate construction redundancy and maximize site efficiency of your potential design options. 

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​With Swapp, real estate developers and architects can improve planning workflows and collaborate on new construction projects, leveraging the power of AI to analyze multiple data sources.

Swapp's mass planning is compliant with BIM standards, local regulations, and key objectives to meet project goals.

Design options are tailored to meet our customers design priorities, budget restraints, and marketing requirements.

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Often, it can take weeks for just 4-5 validated alternatives to be generated for a single space. To avoid losing the tenant, floor plans must be produced quickly and precisely.

These plans should instill confidence within your tenants by presenting them with clear metrics. For example, data that enables them to understand the quality of life they’ll enjoy, how building costs will be minimized, how space will be maximized, and more. All the more so, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Swapp Value Proposition


Shorter Planning Cycles

We can help reduce planning time and increase project's ROI.

The full planning cycle can take a full year, and even more with large size projects. A significantly shorter planning cycle, means breaking ground faster, which enables developers to sell or lease the property earlier. This allows developers to engage with more projects which will take less time to complete once Swapp does the “heavy lifting” of the planning process.


Shorter Cycles

Reduced Construction Cost

When the planning process is conducted by the regular means using ordinary methodologies, there are many cases where the proposed design options include redundant elements which increase costs.  

Our smart planning, data driven, algorithmic computing capabilities will eliminate redundant construction to reduce construction costs while maintaining the same level of resident and tenant wellbeing.

Swapp By the Numbers


Less Planning Time

Save up to 40% on the various planning stages’ time, such as initial site/space plans, schematic designs, DD, and construction documents, while optimizing inevitable changes.


More Efficient

Increase site & building efficiency by an average of 25% Optimize your results by ranking the different metrics that matter most to you and your clients.

Increase Site/Building Utilization


The bottom line of almost every project, comes down to the total amount of usable square feet. In the end, that is what the developer can sell or  lease in order to make the property development project a profitable endeavor. Swapp has created the most optimal AI - powered platform that can help developers maximize the amount of units, and the size of those units in order to make every project as profitable as it can possibly be.  

Swapp has already significantly shortened stages of the design process. We are excited to partner with them and reach the full potential of design automation!

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Willmot Dixon


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