Transforming Construction Planning

into a Data-Driven and Efficient Process

We are the half architect & half robot service providers that will manifest your construction planning process with shorter cycles, the most accurate documents available for the most efficient site development options to meet your project goals.


What We Do

We bring together the greatest architectural minds in order to manifest output generation workflows for our partners through the use of data driven algorithms and artificially intelligent planning capabilities.

Shorter Construction Planning Time

Faster Property Assessment Cycles

Increase in Site &

Building Efficiency

Accurate & Cost

Efficient Documents


How It Works

As construction planning service providers, we use an advanced AI powered platform equipped with complicated algorithms and data oriented equations to help you complete your studies, find the appropriate design options and generate construction documents. 

Our Services

End to End Planning


We can help you reduce planning time and increase your projects’ ROI. As you know, the full planning cycle can take up to a full year with large projects. When you shorten this cycle by a good few months, you will be able to sell or lease the property earlier than you would have if you didn’t use Swapp. This will enable you to increase your projects’ profitability, and eventually engage with more projects which will take less time to complete once we get involved to do the “heavy lifting” of the planning process.

Site Planning for Ground Up Projects

Using Swapp, you will be able to instantly define your property development goals and receive a number of great design options that are optimized according to your specific goals and requirements, while taking local regulations and zoning restrictions into account.

Plan, build, and deliver your projects more efficiently. Using Swapp's integrated collection of well-designed projects that take into consideration building materials costs and delivery time, we will enable you to produce financially-optimized Construction Documents which will help you deliver projects faster, with better results, and higher profitability per square foot.



One of the most important goals for any renovation project is trying to get your tenants occupying the property as fast as possible while providing them with as many benefits as possible when the renovation is done. We can help you to complete the planning process faster, which will help you to minimize vacancy time which you may not get paid for.

Our Partners & Clients


Colida Residential Project Manager

Willmot Dixon

“Swapp has already significantly shortened stages of the design process. We are excited to partner with them and reach the full potential of design automation!”

Swapp By the Numbers


Shorter Cycles

Reduce property assessment cycles by an average of 80%, harnessing the power of our automated AI data analysis system for fast results and quick iteration. 


Less Planning Time

Save up to 40% on the various planning stages’ time, such as initial site/space plans, schematic designs, DD, and construction documents, while optimizing inevitable changes.


More Efficient

Increase site & building efficiency by an average of 25% Optimize your results by ranking the different metrics that matter most to you and your clients.


Contact us to discover

how you can create planning value from day one!


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