Our Vision (AI)

Swapp was founded by architects, business executives, algorithm developers and data scientists. A unique combination that sprouted the dream for innovation in one of the oldest and least technological industries on our small planet. 

Since the founding partners have come with years of experience in providing both business and software solutions to the real estate development industry, they knew that there was plenty of room and plenty of opportunities to develop new technological capabilities that will help the real estate industry improve its construction planning workflows and cycles.  


They eventually came to the realization that AI- powered algorithms and advanced data computing capabilities can have a significant impact on shortening and improving the construction planning process which is both time consuming and requires a large number of people in order to complete it.  


In addition to the shortening the amount of time it takes to complete construction projects, and increasing the efficiency of the planning process, there is another major change that will eventually take place in the architectural and the construction planning space thanks to Swapp.  


Instead of spending so much time in completing any given project, construction planning professionals will now have the time to pursue new projects and to develop more relationships with real estate developers and construction companies. 

Swapp Leadership

Swapp was founded by three veteran entrepreneurs who sold their last venture to Autodesk, the world leader for architecture & construction software, where they developed the most advanced software tools in the industry.

​​At Swapp, we believe the planning process should be executed like modern software systems - highly automated, efficient and optimized for the customer's needs.

Eitan Tsarfati


A Harvard and Tel Aviv University graduate, he is the architect and serial entrepreneur behind ConTech startups, such as CmyCasa (aq. Autodesk), who formerly served as General Manager of Autodesk IL.

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Adi Shavit


The former CTO of Gentech Corp. and head of the Autodesk IL algorithms team, with expertise in bringing computer vision and machine learning to real-world products.

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Noam Gat


A Big Data expert and creator of mission-critical systems, who co-founded Tactisoft before leading its successful delivery of products to millions of users.  

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The Swapp Team

Our team includes architects, designers, MEP engineers, AI experts, and data scientists who are joining forces to re-invent architecture & planning.

Together, the Swapp team is moving the real estate industry to a smarter, highly efficient, and flexible design & build process.

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Tel Aviv Office:

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London Office:

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