“We are the Renaissance of the

Construction Industry's Stone Age”

Eitan Tsarfati, CEO and Founder at Swapp 

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Be Happy, and Don’t Be Afraid

Here at swapp, we believe in enjoying the process of taking part in changing the world. 

We try to hire people who consider their work to be both fun and exciting for them.

Every day, we cultivate a culture of fail fast, fail forward, and feel free to ask any question you like.

Join Us in Creating a Digital and Human Revolution

In a time where startups and high tech companies are trying to convert the world around us to a complete digital experience, we try to combine the two. We are a company that believes that our service is the outcome of a half-human and half-robot mashup. We try to enhance the human construction planning process with advanced data driven algorithms so that humans can become more creative, and more innovate with their minds while letting computers do all of the grunt work.

Take Part in Restructuring the World Around You

It’s an exciting time for the real estate industry. Brick by brick, the entire industry is shifting to digital workflows and planning capabilities. Every home, and every building that is currently being planned will eventually use companies like Swapp to reduce human errors and improve their planning process. When they teach your kids about the digital construction revolution, you can be one of the few that helped start it.

At Swapp, our unique group of professionals from different disciplines come together to solve significant pains in the construction industry.

We’re looking for the best people in their field, and expect them to share their point of view with respect to every aspect of our product: from design & UX to business and deep-tech. Come join us!

Azrieli Towers

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