At SWAPP we believe construction should be planned
and executed like modern software systems - optimized for automation, continuous and flexible for changes over time.


That's why we built SWAPP - to provide anyone, from landlords, GCs, to construction professionals, easy access
to the 
next-generation of building commercial spaces.


CEO & Co-Founder at SWAPP

Eitan is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in the construction sector,  first as an architect and afterward as the co-founder of CmyCasa, a construction-tech company he built and sold to Autodesk Inc.

After the acquisition, Eitan was the GM of Autodesk Israel, where he led a 200 employees R&D center in various construction-tech products.

Eitan is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Executive Program in Boston and a cum laude in Architecture from Tel Aviv University.


CTO & Co-Founder at SWAPP

Noam is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience delivering end to end solutions in big data and

3D rendering.
He is a veteran of an elite intelligence unit, where he created mission-critical systems that handle gigabytes of data every second. Noam later co-founded Tacticsoft, where he led the product and development teams in delivering products used by millions of users. 

Noam holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


CSO & Co-Founder at SWAPP

Adi is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience bringing computer vision and machine learning to real-world products in multiple industries.
After serving as Chief Scientist, Branch Manager and 
CTO of Gentech Inc. (aq. by Media Inc.), a company specializing in CV and AI projects, Adi led R&D teams in TvTak (aq. by NantWorks) and joined Eitan to lead the CmyCasa algorithms team (aq. by Autodesk).
Adi is an international speaker and holds over 15 international patents and multiple publications. 
Adi holds an MSc. in Computer Science
from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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