Today, the Office Buildout industry suffers from outdated, inflexible & expensive construction processes. SWAPP uses AI to create smart, future aware planning based on quality custom prefabrication. Together they create a complete system: data-driven planning with the power to efficiently execute recurring changes. 

Modular Planning
Enabling Rapid Changes
Without Construction Work


Using SWAPP guarantees a shorter buildout process, minimizing time spent

on construction and between tenants.


We developed a new construction language combining AI and real-world input that can adjust any space for any purpose.


Our reassembly methods enable recurring changes to any space, avoiding demolishing and rebuilding


Swapp is  a highly sustainable process that minimizes excess waste and reduces

energy consumption.


SWAPP is automating the planning process, from test fit and schematic design to construction documents, allowing to plan ahead for future tenants using data-driven analysis. We easily adapt to current tenants
and interface with third-party architects

SWAPP is engineered to work with any external suppliers, like Walls, MEP or FF&E.

This gives you the power to choose while we make sure that any execution
fits perfectly with the plans produced in the design phase.

We save time, avoiding endless coordination meetings and delays
during the construction phase

We made SWAPP to be part of your toolbox, providing solutions
for every stage of the process.
No matter what kind of tenants occupy your space, or whatever changes they require, SWAPP will help plan and execute any fit-out or buildout with maximum flexibility and efficiency.  


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