Transforming Construction Planning

into a Data-Driven and Efficient Process

Swapp™ is a construction-planning technology company for ground-up and renovation projects, that partners with top real estate developers to maximize building efficiency and minimize construction costs.


Why You Need Smarter Planning

Whether they’re being built from the ground up or renovated to meet a client’s latest needs, the planning process is often experienced as lengthy, manual, messing critical data, and subject to delays.

When design is prioritized over efficiency, or clear metrics for minimizing building costs and maximizing space usage isn’t provided, money inadvertently gets left on the table.

Construction costs may subsequently increase, valuable rights can get lost in the shuffle, and clients may decide to take their business elsewhere.

Our Solution

Site Planning


​With Swapp, real estate developers and architects can better plan and collaborate on new construction projects, leveraging the power of AI to analyze multiple data sources.

They can automate initial mass planning and engage in schematic design compliant with BIM methodologies and relevant regulations, empowering them to select the optimized design option for their clients, based on objective facts.


Often, it can take weeks for just 4-5 validated alternatives to be generated for a single space. To avoid losing the tenant, floor plans must be produced quickly and precisely.

These plans should instill confidence within your tenants by presenting them with clear metrics. For example, data that enables them to understand the quality of life they’ll enjoy, how building costs will be minimized, how space will be maximized, and more. All the more so, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.


How it Works

Upload your plan

Upload the site/floor drawings and requirements for the exterior or interior of your project.

Engage in smart planning

Leverage our data and AI algorithms for a faster efficient planning process.

Save time & money

Receive a selection of planning options to maximize your building efficiency and minimize construction costs.

Our Partners & Clients

Swapp By the Numbers


Shorter Cycles

Reduce property assessment cycles by an average of 80%, harnessing the power of our automated AI data analysis system for fast results and quick iteration. 


Less Planning Time

Save up to 40% on the various planning stages’ time, such as initial site/space plans, schematic designs, DD, and construction documents, while optimizing inevitable changes.


More Efficient

Increase site & building efficiency by an average of 25% while benefiting from transparent ranking. Optimize your results by ranking the different metrics that matter most to you and your clients.


Contact us to discover how you can create planning value from day one!


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