Did you ever wonder why planning processes take too long and almost always end up with off-budget construction results?

Today, with the power of AI and deep technology, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We, at Swapp, built a super-power team to disrupt the current planning methodologies:

Our team includes architects, designers, MEP engineers, AI experts, and data scientists - all joining forces to re-invent architecture & planning. Moving the real estate industry to a smarter, highly efficient, and flexible design & build process.

AI-Based Planning
Accelerating Building Readiness

and Construction Efficiency


Using Swapp guarantees a super-efficient planning process, preventing unnecessary delays throughout the buildout process.


Swapp predicts different scenarios and plans for quick transitions, providing flexibility to both landlords and tenants.


Our AI-based technology ensures cost-efficient buildouts by eliminating planning conflicts and minimizing friction between stakeholders.


Swapp embeds green building standards and certifications and plans for maximizing part reuse. Improve sustainability and reduce costs!


Upload Your Asset Drawings and Programmatic Requirements

Swapp uses different sources of data and the power of AI to optimize the planning according to your requirements

Get Building Drawings, from Test-fit, Schematic Design to Construction Documents, automatically coordinated and ready for the build phase

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